September 2020 Newsletter

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Webinar Available: How to Make Use of Applied Psychology for Public Policy

Division 1 - Work and Organizational Psychology was honoured to welcome all IAAP members to be participants of the special webinar entitled “How to make use of Applied Psychology for Public Policy” presented on May 6th 2020 by Professor Michael Frese and Professor Lori Foster and moderated by Professor Barbara Kozusznik.

In the webinar, they discuss their knowledge and ideas and how to be useful as psychologists - especially during the pandemic and associated economic crisis situation. Given the dynamically changing situations we face, they seek to answer questions about the future such as how we can be useful after the pandemic and how we can assist in improving the responses of policy makers on future social and economic challenges.

Polish Association of Organizational Psychology

The Pandemic from the Perspective of the Polish Association of Organizational Psychology 

COVID-19 has a significant impact on all aspects relating to work and organizational processes. The pandemic and the resultant crises caused changes in the functioning of companies and exerted influence on employees. On one hand, we are confronted with unemployment and collapses of companies, and, on the other, the situation has revealed that there is a number of opportunities created through the development of remote working, changes in management relations and coping with very difficult consequences.

At the 4th Convention of the Polish Association of Organizational Psychology (PSPO) in Warsaw held on-line on 21-22 May 2020, we - as work and organizational psychologists - were reflecting on a manner which could be employed to facilitate solutions globally. We defined specific areas that were most affected by the pandemic and the crisis and maintained that it is necessary to face potentially negative implications in addition to positive aspects when managing new situations.


Project GLOW
(Global Living Organisational Wage)

The current crises has undoubtedly re-shaped our lives and more particularly how we perform our jobs - how we communicate, interact with our teams, engage clients, network and conduct research. GOHWP co-founded Project GLOW is interested in learning about how your work/research has been impacted due to COVID-19. 

The Project GLOW New Zealand Hub invites you to share your experiences and is currently calling for critical incidents that have helped individuals to cope during the current crises (e.g. employer transformative practices and decent work provisions).

Watch a brilliant video to learn more about Project GLOW here

Submit your experiences to contribute to Project GLOW here.

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