September 2019 Newsletter

Member Spotlight

Earlier this year, the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior published a career perspectives article by Gary Latham in which he discussed his career and views of the field.

As a compliment to that article, Editor Frederick P. Morgeson was able to interview Gary. They had a wide-ranging discussion on the inspiration behind his research, his views of the field, career management advice, and many other topics. From this interview, a series of short video clips were compiled on the following:

  • The Three Secrets to Gary’s Success
  • On the Importance of Mentors
  • Mentors – Seek and Embrace Criticism
  • Overcoming 90% Rejection Rates
  • What Does It Take to Be a Good Mentee?
  • On the Marriage Between Locke and Latham
  • Everything in Moderation
  • Advice for Every Stage of Your Graduate Career
  • On the HR/OB Dichotomy
  • How Do We Make Sure Our Research Is Relevant for Organizations and Managers?
  • Gary’s Soapbox: This Is the Scandal of Our Field
  • Lesson Learned #1: How Do You Win by Putting Other People Down?
  • Lesson Learned #2: Don’t Get Scooped

All videos can be accessed here.

Lynda Zugec, our very own IAAP Division 1 Communications Officer, received the Joan Finegan Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Canadian Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (CSIOP) during the Annual Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

More on Lynda can be found here


Conference Updates

8th EAWOP WorkLab – Practitioner Skills Workshop

7th to 9th November, 2019, Malta

EAWOP invites practitioners working in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP) to join the 8th EAWOP Practitioner Skills WorkLab. This year’s programme is focused on changing work environments and exploring new ways of working. Participants will broaden their understanding of change in the workplace from a variety of different contexts and the effects those changes are having on work design, work-life balance, well-being and efficiency.

This year, WorkLab delegates will be enjoying the beautiful island of Malta and sampling its culture and heritage.

For more information and to register:


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