COVID-19 Corner


In response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the IAAP executive committee and member psychologists have compiled internet resources on the pandemic that provide practical help to people and information for professional psychologists. The resources are organized by user group, such as Resources for the Public and Resources for Clinicians.

More resources will be added to the COVID-19 Corner as they are received by the IAAP. Psychologists who want to add to the list of internet resources in the COVID-19 Corner are invited to email their contribution to the Secretary-General of the IAAP at

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Disclaimer: We encourage IAAP members and partners to collaborate and share these resources during this pandemic. IAAP does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the resources and assumes no responsibility arising out of or related to any use of these resources or for any errors or omissions. IAAP’s COVID-19 Corner is for informational and educational purposes only. These resources are provided as a public service to the global community.


Resources for the Public

Resources for Clinicians

Resources for Parents

Resources for Medical Workers

Resources for Educators

Resources for Scientists

Resources for Policymakers 

Resources from Organizations

Psychosocial Issues with COVID