December 2020 Newsletter

Member Benefits

IAAP is celebrating their Centennial year with a collection of videos from members around the world. Below are the presentations from Division 1 members in the Centennial Collection, available to IAAP members only. Cheers to another 100 years!

Humanitarian Work and Organizational Psychology
Stuart Carr (New Zealand)
IAAP Centennial - 1920 to 2020 The Past 100 Years of Applied Psychology and Its' Future: What If Applied Psychology Mattered in the World
Michael Frese (Germany)
Dealing with Different: Strategic Cultural Competence in Modern Organizations
Richard Griffith (USA)
New Working Challenges for a New Centennial: Activities and Plans of IAAP Division 1
Barbara Kozusznik (Poland)
Integrating Bargh's Automaticity Model with Locke and Latham's Goal Setting Theory
Gary P. Latham (Canada)
This Works in My Place! Latin-America
Vicente Martínez-Tur (Spain)
A Century of International Applied Psychology: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
José M. Peiró (Spain)
New Methods for Measuring Affect and Well-being in the Workplace: From Self-reports to Artificial Intelligence
Liu-Qin Yang (USA)

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