Special Project on Gender Equality

The International Association of Applied Psychology ( has established a special project on Gender equality in June 2018 to contribute to the UN SDG 5 on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. This is the first project of this kind in the Association’s 100-year long history!

Achieving gender equality is a global concern and, although some advances have been made towards this end, the issues of gender pay gap, the low representation of women in top managerial positions, the lack of career progression opportunities for women, and the lack of freedom to make their own vital decisions in some parts of the world are just a few examples of why we still fight for gender equality around the globe. It is important to highlight that achieving equality between women and men is a concern of everyone, not women alone. Effectively, gender equality is part of human rights and therefore, the whole society needs to work towards promoting it, achieving it, and protecting and sustaining it. 

How Can Our Research in Applied Psychology Contribute Towards Gender Equality Around the World? 

This webinar is discussing current gender equality issues across the world and how our research in different applied psychology disciplines can help address some of these issues.

Prof. Diane F. Halpern is talking about the current issues concerning gender equality in the US, Prof. Fanny Cheung  discusses some of the most pressing concerns around gender equality in the Asia-Pacific region, and Dr. Tom Calvard  elaborates on gender equality concerns in the UK. The session is interactive, where the participants are discussing how their research in applied psychology can address gender equality issues in different parts of the world. The event is moderated by Kristina Potočnik.  

For more information, and the recording of the webinar (available for IAAP members only), click here.