June 2021 Newsletter

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Each One Reach One Member Campaign Exceeds Goal Ahead of Schedule!
A success story of applying psychology to our own organization
Message from Division 1 Membership Chair Ginger Whelan

I chose the field of Work and Organizational Psychology because Gary Latham and Edwin Locke’s goal setting theory literally changed my life. Learning how to set goals helped me earn a college swimming scholarship, a free trip to California to swim in a national competition, and created a life-long passion of helping others perform at work and in sports.

Today, and many years later as membership chair of Division 1, it made sense to apply goal setting as a key element of our membership campaign. In a close partnership with Nicole Brandt from our IAAP Administrative Office, and Luminita Patras, Executive Committee member and membership chair, we applied goal setting to a membership campaign to grow IAAP and increase our connections around the world. Christine Roland-Levy, President of IAAP, Barbara Kozusznik, Division 1 President, and guru of goal setting theory himself (just one of his many distinguished titles/roles), Gary Latham, provided the leadership necessary to help us make the campaign happen. We were delighted to engage all IAAP Divisions in the initiative and make this a team effort.

The Goal. The goal of the campaign, called Each One Reach One (EORO), is to sign up 101 new IAAP members in 101 days by asking each current member to invite one person to join IAAP. We chose this goal because it’s specific, measurable, achievable yet challenging, relevant, and time bound. It also commemorates our 101 years of existence and celebrates the commitment so many have made promoting the science and practice of applied psychology around the world. The “each one reach one” strategy was chosen because people tend to respond better to personalized versus impersonal communications.

How You Can Win Too. Small incentives were added to the campaign to help pull behavior in the desired direction. Or stated another way, who doesn’t like to win?! Specifically:

  • All members who sign up one new member will receive the IAAP commemorative centennial pin, and
  • A chance to win free registration to our ICAP conference in Beijing
  • Signing up members from Central or South America, Africa, or Oceana earn participants two entries for a chance to waive conference registration fees
  • New members who sign up by the deadline will get 18 months for the price of 12 months
  • Participants in this campaign will also be invited to a special reception at the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Beijing

Visible Tracking: The Campaign Dashboard. One more element we included was visible tracking with the Campaign Dashboard. Visible tracking provides participants with real time information about progress toward the goal and is both reinforcing and corrective. Moving toward a goal feels reinforcing as we see the gap shrink. If progress stalls, we can see it in real time and adjust. Click here to see the EORO dashboard:

We exceeded our goal! We are excited to announce that as of June 8th we exceeded our goal and signed up 120 new members! In addition, 22 members have earned a centennial pin and we have 45 ICAP conference entries. We will continue on to the campaign end date. 

It’s not too late to win too! If you haven’t recruited anyone yet to join, it’s not too late! Be part of our growth and invite someone you know to join IAAP. Click here to access the Each One Reach One campaign toolkit to get started:

Do you have a story to share? A membership milestone? Remember to send your updates, information, and correspondence to our Division 1 Communications Officer, Lynda Zugec at

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