Advanced Research Training Seminar: ARTS

What is ARTS?

The Advanced Research Training Seminar (ARTS) is a special summer school program organized by IAAP. It is a capacity-building workshop that takes place every two or four years in conjunction with the International Congresses of Applied Psychology (ICAP) since 1992. ARTS promotes excellence in research skills and facilitates exchange and dialogue amongst early career scientists.

ARTS is organized around group projects. Six team leaders (early career researchers: assistant professor, postdoc) are recruited to organize and coordinate an international research project on the topic of their choice. Each of these six teams are composed of a team leader and three to five participants (PhD candidates or Master students).

The projects last around 12 months. ARTS participants come from all over the world and most of the communication is via the Internet; they have the opportunity to meet each other for a few days during a workshop organized prior to the ICAP.

Presentation on The ARTS Program

ARTS Special Committee Co-Chairs

Richard Griffith & Jérémy Lemoine

How does ARTS work?

ARTS has several components:

  1. Research– ARTS participants work on a project with their peers in groups of three to five people. Team projects are defined and led by the team leaders and consist of the creation of a research project on the topic of their choice.
  2. Presentations – Teams present their projects at the symposium organized during ICAP and have an opportunity to hear comments and suggestions from renowned experts.
  3. Learning– Participants have the opportunity to follow several online seminars on general topics (e.g., writing funding application, statistics, and knowledge about a specfic aspect of psychology).
  4. Feedback– During the ARTS workshop, participants have the opportunity to present their own research (poster) and to receive feedback from their peers and team leaders.

ARTS 2018-2019 Projects

1. Multicultural Approach to the Study of Myths about Trauma and Disasters

Team Leader

Clara Gesteira Santos - Contact here


Haziq Mehmood

Martina Speck

Rayna Sadia

Samantha Chan

2. Learning Experiences and Entrepreneurial Intentions among College Students

Team Leader

Laurent Sovet - Contact here


Chiara Annovazzi

Namita Ruparel

Thuy Anh Ngo

3. Refugees and Immigrants Crisis in the 21st Century: A Hindrance or Challenge in the face of Job Insecurity in Europe?

Team Leader

Morteza Charkhabi - Contact here


Clement Belletier

Fatemth Sajjadi

Laura Seidel

4. Contextualization in Contemporary Cross-Cultural Research (Mindfulness): An Agenda for Arbitration

Team Leader

Rajneesh Choubisa - Contact here


Amna Noureen

Andrea Antoniuk

Khadija Bint Misbah

Laura Johnson

5. Re-Thinking Healthy Lifestyles: An Ecological Approach to the Psychological Understanding of Sustained Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition

Team Leader

Stefano De Dominicis - Contact here


Maya Pilin

Laura Seidel

Si-Chu Shen

6. Self-Compassion, Resilience, Coping and Psychological Well-being

Team Leader

Winnie Yuen - Contact here


Anh Nguyen

Bukola Victoria Bada

ARTS 2018 Committee

Richard Griffith, Director

Jasmina Milosevic

Jérémy Lemoine

Jesse Caylor

Kayla Hoelzel