IAAP at the United Nations

The International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) of psychologists around the world, that is accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and affiliated with the Department of Global Communications (DGC).

New York Team (from left to right): Florence Denmark,Father Wismick Jean-Charles, Judy Kuriansky, Walter Reichman, Mary O’Neill Berr

New York Team continued (from left to right):Mahroo Moshari, Grace Charrier and Russel Daisey

Geneva Team (from left to right): Lichia Yiu, Raymond Saner

Vienna Team (from left to right): Wolfgang Beiglböck, Belinda Mikosz, Eva Hofmann

Mission Statement

The mission of IAAP’s United Nation Representatives, as it relates to the IAAP Mission Statement*:

  • To communicate and share information/actions/policies and other activities of the UN and its agencies, the UN NGO community and other multiple stakeholders** and actors***, with the IAAP membership.
  • To communicate and bring to the UN and its agencies as well as multiple stakeholders and actors, deliberations, research, projects and information related to the science and practice of applied psychology and the UN NGO IAAP team, in order to assist in effectively addressing global issues and stimulate ideas about where IAAP member expertise can best be used and applied.
  • To become involved in, and initiate, projects and to form partnerships that are related to the goals of the UN, its agencies and multiple stakeholders and actors, that intersect with the field of applied psychology, as well as projects and goals of the divisions, and that broaden the well-being of populations.
  • To communicate and share messages about the UN and its agencies, the UN NGO community, and multiple stakeholders and actors, the role of applied psychology as well as the role and projects of the UN IAAP team to other psychologists and professionals in related fields, the broader general public, private sector and other stakeholders, locally, nationally and internationally.

* The IAAP Mission Statement is available here.

** A “stakeholder” is a term used widely in UN parlance. It refers, as in organizational psychology, to individuals, groups, organizations, or systems who become involved in a common mission which brings their individual goals together for a common exploration, action, or event, and who all affect or are affected by that experience.

*** An “actor” is also a term commonly used in UN parlance, which has a similar meaning to a “stakeholder” but is a more targeted term that refers to a person or entity more specifically involved in a particular action.

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