Division 2: Psychological Assessment & Evaluation



Election for Division President-Elect

Dear IAAP Division Voting Members:

The 2020 Division President-Elect election is now open.

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Voting will close at 4:00 PM on August 14, 2020 (UTC time). If you experience any difficulty accessing your ballot or have any questions concerning the election, please contact the IAAP Operations Center at


Jacques Gregoire
Chair of the Division Elections Committee

Past President of IAAP Division 2

Division Election Page

About Division 2 

Division 2 deals with the development of educational and psychological tests and their administration, the expansion of state and national educational testing programs, and the use of tests in work and clinical contexts. It also involves issues of test construction, administration and scoring, as well as adaptation from one language and culture to others.

One of the main goals of Division 2 is to support good practice on assessment and test use. To reach this goal, Division 2 has, for a long time, a close relationship with the International Test Commission (ITC). One of the Division 2 Board members is also a member of the ITC Council and several Division 2 members collaborate to the ITC projects. The main collaborations are on the development of guidelines and the biennial ITC conference.

President: Kurt F. Geisinger

Past President: Jacques Gregoire