Major Initiatives

International Agencies

One of the major goals of IAAP is to maximize the influence and contributions of IAAP to international issues and agencies.

One way in which this goal is achieved is by enhancing the role, influence, and contributions of IAAP to international organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the International Labor Organization, and many others. IAAP contributes to the development and implementation of social policies of these organizations by increasing the participation of Divisions and members in conducting applied research and publishing White Papers on topics of interest and relevance. IAAP has, in this regard, representatives to the UN in New York, Vienna and Geneva.

Activities and reports from IAAP's United Nations Team are available through the United Nations pages.

The Call for UN-Relevant White Papers was issued in May, 2017.

Special Projects

Climate Change

Terry Hartig

Gender Equality

Kristina Potocnik

Immigrants and Refugees

Fanny Verkampt

Quality Education

Frederic Guay

Promoting Decent Work for All

Annamaria Di Fabio

IAAP History

Helio Carpintero

Task Force on Terrorism and Peace Building

The IAAP Board created a Task Force on Terrorism and Peace Building during its 2016 meeting in Yokohama.  Violence and terrorism are profoundly changing the world we live in, affecting our effectiveness, security and well-being. A better understanding of what spurs violence and terrorism in today’s world is needed to develop more effective approaches to thwart violence and terrorism in the world. 

Learn More about the task force.

Task Force on Core Competencies

This document presents a set of core competences, intended as a coherent international professional identity for psychologists.

Learn More about the task force.

Special Project on Gender Equality

The IAAP Board of Directors has established a “special project” on gender equality at the ICAP in Montreal in June 2018. This is the first project of this kind in its almost 100-year-long history!

Learn more about this special project.