Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology

Welcome to Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology

Applied Cognitive Psychology concerns applications of cognitive studies arising out of interactions with allied fields such as cognitive ergonomics, psychophysics, cognitive neuropsychology, engineering psychology, human factors engineering, cognitive engineering, new information technologies, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), cyberspaces and virtual life research, neuro-ergonomics, psychology of learning and instruction, natural language processing (speech competence, reading, writing), the legal process (eye-witnesses, face and voice identification), decision making, conflict resolution as well as creativity research and training.

President: Usha Kiran Subba

President-Elect: Parichehr Sharifi

Past President: Peter Graf



Division 14 ICAP Consulting Team

The 30th ICAP, scheduled for summer 2023 in Beijing, is still a long way off, but it gives hope about a brighter future when we can meet again in-person.

Time to mark your calendar, to plan your submission for this great event, which will be special and may help us make up – among other things – for the cancelled 2020 Cancun Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’, and a dedicated team of people to organize a successful congress. Division 14 is fortunate to have such a team, with these members: Xun Liu (China); Oluwabukola Bada (Nigeria); Meheru Nisha (India); Tushar Singh (India); Prithviraj Sen Gupta (India); Parichehr Scharifi (Germany); Barbara Barth (Canada); Vardah Bharuchi (Pakistan). These individuals have volunteered to be the Division 14 ICAP Consulting Team, chaired by Professor Xun Liu as the Division 14 Manager. Thank you all.

In the months ahead, expect news & requests from Professor Liu. The organizers of the 30th ICAP will rely on division managers for liaising with us, for informing us about the Congress, including about submission types and deadlines. The Division Manager also is likely to be asked to identify Division 14 people who ought to be invited to give keynote addresses or to organize congress invited symposia. If you have ideas about such special congress elements, please contact Professor Liu.

Division 14 Manager -- Professor LIU, Xun (刘勋), has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science (1994) from Peking University, and a Ph.D. (2000) from the University of California, Los Angeles. He worked at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine. In 2010, he returned to China to the Institute of Psychology, where he served as the Deputy Director from 2015 to 2021. He is currently the Vice Editor of Acta Psychologica Sinica and the Treasurer of the Chinese Psychological Society, and does research on higher order cognitive functions and underlying neural mechanisms, such as cognitive control, reward decision making, empathy and prosocial behaviors. In applied areas, his focus is on behavioral intervention related to various forms of addiction (e.g., tobacco, internet).

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