One way of highlighting the relevance of applied psychology is to honour colleagues who have made important contributions to the field by giving them a special IAAP Award. Two awards have been created for this purpose:

Established in 1982, the IAAP Distinguished Professional Contributions Award recognizes “outstanding contributions to the international advancement of the practice of psychology ”. It is given to a candidate who has developed, refined, and implemented practices, procedures, and methods that have had a major, demonstrable international impact on the practice of psychology or policy interventions in more than one country.

2022 Recipients: 

Dr. Ruben Ardila
National University of Colombia

Dr. Machiko Fukuhara                     
Tokiwa University

Established in 1994, the IAAP Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award recognizes “demonstrated international scientific impact”. It is given to a candidate who has made distinguished scientific contributions to the field of applied psychology that have resulted in a better understanding of a psychological phenomenon, and new or improved applications of psychological knowledge in more than one country.

2022 Recipients: 

Dr. Roland Diaz-Loving
National Autonomous University of Mexico

Professor Sonia Lippke 
Jacobs University, Bremen

  • Previous Distinguished Professional Contributions Award Recipients: Gunner Westerland, 1982 & Rudolf Amthauer, 1982; Ed Fleishman, 1986 & Claude Lévy-Leboyer, 1986; Charles de Wolff, 1990 & Yehuda Amir, 1990; Jyuji Misumi, 1994; José Maria Prieto, 1998; John Adair, 2002; Rocío Fernandez-Ballesteros, 2006 & Susan Pick, 2006; Judy Kuriansky, 2010 & Zhang Kan, 2010; Saths Cooper, 2014 & Ingrid Lunt, 2014; Marie Regina Maluf, 2018 & Sverre Nielsen , 2018.

  • Previous Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award Recipients: Donald Super (posthumously), 1994; Gunnar Borg, 1998 & Cigdem Kagitçibasi, 1998; Miriam Erez, 2002 & Fred Fiedler, 2002; Pieter Drenth, 2006 & Edwin Hollander, 2006; Nigel Nicholson, 2010 & Ralf Schwarzer, 2010; Fanny Cheung, 2014 & Charles Spielberger (posthumously), 2014; Michael Frese, 2018 & Aleksandra Luszczynka, 2018.