One way of highlighting the relevance of applied psychology is to honour colleagues who have made important contributions to the field by giving them a special IAAP Award. Two awards have been created for this purpose:

Established in 1982, the IAAP Distinguished Professional Contributions Award recognizes “outstanding contributions to the international advancement of the practice of psychology ”. It is given to a candidate who has developed, refined, and implemented practices, procedures, and methods that have had a major, demonstrable international impact on the practice of psychology or policy interventions in more than one country.

ICAP 2018 Recipients: 

HansiDr. Marie Regina Maluf
Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo

HansiDr. Sverre Nielsen                          
Norwegian Psychological Association

Established in 1994, the IAAP Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award recognizes “demonstrated international scientific impact”. It is given to a candidate who has made distinguished scientific contributions to the field of applied psychology that have resulted in a better understanding of a psychological phenomenon, and new or improved applications of psychological knowledge in more than one country.

ICAP 2018 Recipients: 

HansiProfessor Michael Frese
University of Singapore Business School

PHansirofessor Aleksandra Luszczynska
SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities


  • Previous Distinguished Professional Contributions Award Recipients: Gunner Westerland, 1982 & Rudolf Amthauer, 1982; Ed Fleishman, 1986 & Claude Lévy-Leboyer, 1986; Charles de Wolff, 1990 & Yehuda Amir, 1990; Jyuji Misumi, 1994; José Maria Prieto, 1998; John Adair, 2002; Rocío Fernandez-Ballesteros, 2006 & Susan Pick, 2006; Judy Kuriansky, 2010 & Zhang Kan, 2010; Saths Cooper, 2014 & Ingrid Lunt, 2014.
  • Previous Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award Recipients: Donald Super (posthumously), 1994; Gunnar Borg, 1998 & Cigdem Kagitçibasi, 1998; Miriam Erez, 2002 & Fred Fiedler, 2002; Pieter Drenth, 2006 & Edwin Hollander, 2006; Nigel Nicholson, 2010 & Ralf Schwarzer, 2010; Fanny Cheung, 2014 & Charles Spielberger (posthumously), 2014.