IAAP Officers and Board of Directors (2018-2022)


The constitution of IAAP identifies the governance of the association in article 3: "The Board of Directors, broadly representative of the membership, determines Association policies and has final authority over the affairs of the Association. The Board of Officers, which serves as the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, administers the operations of the Association under the oversight of the Board of Directors".

Article 7 provides further details: "The Board of Directors shall have final authority over the affairs and funds of the Association. Members of the Board of Directors must be Full Members in good standing. The President of the Student Division shall serve ex officio on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of the Association, President, the President Elect, the Past President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, and any additional officers approved by the Board of Directors; the Presidents and Presidents-Elect of the Divisions; and not less than 24 and not more than 45 Members-at-large".

On a regular basis election to the Board of Directors occurs every four years at the start of every International Congress of Applied Psychology and exceptionally during the meeting held during International Congresses of Psychology sponsored by the IUPsyS.

(also known as the Board of Officers in the Constitution)


Christine Roland-Levy

president [at]


Lori Foster

United States of America
presidentelect [at]


Pedro Neves

secretarygeneral [at]


Kurt Geisinger

United States of America
treasurer [at]

Membership Coordinator

Luminița Pătraș

membership [at]







  • Barbara Kozusznik, Poland, President, Division 1: Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Kurt Geisinger, USA, President, Division 2: Psychological Assessment and Evaluation
  • Rolando Diaz Loving, Mexico, President, Division 3, Psychology and Societal Development
  • Terry Hartig, Sweden, President, Division 4: Environmental Psychology
  • Frederic Guay, Canada, President, Division 5: Education, Instructional and School Psychology
  • Daniel Dodgen, USA, President, Division 6: Clinical and Community Psychology
  • Despina Moraitou, Greece, President, Division 7: Applied Geropsychology
  • Sonia Lippke, Germany, President, Division 8, Health Psychology
  • Tomasz Zaleskiewicz, Poland, President, Division 9: Economic Psychology
  • Fanny Verkampt, France, President, Division 10: Psychology, Law, and Ethics
  • Wilson Lopez Lopez, Colombia, President, Division 11, Political Psychology
  • Elisabeth Rosnet, France, President, Division 12: Sport Psychology
  • Kazumi Renge, Japan, President, Division 13: Traffic and Transportation Psychology
  • Peter Graf, Canada, President, Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • Pedro Rafael Altungy Labrador, Spain, President, Division 15: Psychology Students
  • Paul Hartung, USA, President, Division 16: Counseling Psychology
  • Robyn Vines, Australia, President, Division 17: Professional Psychology
  • Ana Maria Jaco, Brazil, President, Division 18: History of Applied Psychology



  • Harris Shah Adb Hamid, Malaysia
  • Wolfgang Beiglböck, Austria
  • Lisiane Bizarro, Brazil
  • Sheyla Blumen, Peru
  • Klaus Boehnke, Germany
  • James Bray, USA
  • Renan de Almeida Sargiani, Brazil
  • Nele de Cuyper, Belgium
  • Annamaria Di Fabio, Italy
  • David Dozois, Canada
  • Ferdinando Fornara, Italy
  • Nuria Gamero, Spain
  • Yiquan Gan, China
  • Richard Griffith, USA
  • Anwarul Hasan Sufi, Bangladesh
  • James Kagaari, Uganda
  • Erich Kirchler, Austria
  • Gosia Kozusznik, Belgium
  • Saswata Kumar Biswas, India
  • Judy Kuriansky, USA
  • Jeremy Lemoine, France
  • Kobus Maree, South Africa
  • Susan McDaniel,USA
  • Andrew A. Mogaji, Nigeria
  • Kristina Potocnik, Scotland
  • Diana Prescott, USA
  • Walter Reichman, USA
  • Raymond Saner, Switzerland
  • Ralf Schwarzer, Germany
  • Tomoki Sekiguchi, Japan
  • Tushar Singh, India
  • Tholene Sodi, South Africa
  • Ute Stephan, England
  • Yanjie Su, China
  • Akira Tsuda, Japan
  • Ole Tunold, Norway
  • Richu Wang, China
  • Kan Zhang, China
  • Liqi Zhu, China