IAAP Committees, Task Forces, Coordinators, Liaisons, and Special Projects

Standing and ad hoc committees and task forces of IAAP are listed here. Coordinators, liaisons to other organizations, and any special projects are also listed. Any committees organized by Divisions are listed in their respective divisional web pages.

Special Committees

Advanced Research Training Seminars (ARTS)

Richard Griffith & Jeremy Lemoine |

Congress Committee

Jose Maria Peiro

Finance Advisory Committee

Lourdes Munduate

Membership Commitee

Marie-Helene Pelletier

IAAP Centennial Celebration

Rolando Diaz-Loving

UN Policy Advisory Committee

Gary Latham

Special Projects

Climate Change

Terry Hartig

Gender Equality

Kristina Potocnik

Immigrants and Refugees

Fanny Verkampt

Quality Education

Frederic Guay

Promoting Decent Work for All

Annamaria Di Fabio

IAAP Divisions

Lyn Littlefield

IAAP History

Helio Carpintero

Task Forces

IAAP Strategic Planning

Chaired by Gary Latham

Prevention of Terrorism and Peace Building

Chaired by Maria de la Paz Garcia-Vera

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Standing Committees

Awards Committee

Chaired by Janel Gauthier

Constitution and Rules of Procedure Committee

Chaired by Janel Gauthier

Elections Committee

Chaired by Janel Gauthier

Ethics Committee

Chaired by Alfred Allan

Fellows Committee

Chaired by Janel Gauthier

Financial Audit Committee

Chaired by James Bray

Governance Committee

Chaired by Kurt Geisinger

Publications Committee

Chaired by Sabine Sonnentag


Asian Psychological Association (APsyA)

Liaison, Buxin Han

European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA)

Liaison, Christine Roland-Levy

Inter-American Psychological Society (SIP) 

Liaison, Ana Jaco

International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology (IACCP)

Liaison, Rolando Diaz Loving

International Council of Psychologists (ICP) 

Liaison, Janel Gauthier

International Congressess

Liaison, Christine Roland-Levy

International Sciences Council (ISC)

Liaison, Christine Roland-Levy

International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)

Liaison, Christine Roland-Levy

Pan-African Psychological Union (PAPU)

Liaison, Tholene Sodi

United Nations 

Liaison, Christine Roland-Levy