April 2020 Newsletter

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Message from our IAAP Division 1 President - Barbara Kozusznik

As President of Division 1 of Work and Organizational Psychology of the International Association of Applied Psychology, I hope that you and your families are well in this extremely unusual situation. I also want to share with you my hope that in the situation of pandemia, people all over the world will stay strong and beat this dangerous virus.

I think that as professionals from the area of work and organizational psychology, we can help to fight pandemia by persuading people to stay home and by helping people to work from home if it is possible - for example, to teach them the new forms of virtual team functioning and how to learn online.

This is essential now, but as WOP we should use our knowledge and skills also for the future to create such forms of work that protect workers in this extremely difficult situation. 

Thank you for your contribution to Division 1, for sending us your articles, resources and tools for teleworking, virtual teams and online learning. You are welcome to send more. We will compile them and make them available online. I wish you health. 

Let’s stay physically disconnected but close in thinking about our contribution now and after the crisis.

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In response to the COVID-19 crisis, please send your articles/resources/tools for Teleworking, Virtual Teams, and Online Learning to the IAAP Division 1 Communications Officer, Lynda Zugec at so that we can compile your contributions and make them available through the newsletter and on the IAAP Division 1 website. 

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