Strategic Planning

Announcement of new IAAP Strategic Planning Process

From Dr. Lori Foster, IAAP President

Essential to the growth and evolution of any organization is a strategic plan that establishes a vision for the future and measurable goals and objectives to help guide decisions and activities. As IAAP looks ahead to the next 100 years of existence, we are working to develop such a plan – one that will build on the successes of the organization and will align with our mission and values while clearly articulating our aspirations as a global society.

The plan will span four years - 2023 to 2027, with a review and extension process in 2030. This will align the plan with IAAP presidential terms and International Congresses of Applied Psychology. The planning effort will begin with a search for a Strategic Planning Consultant to facilitate this process.

Your involvement, your voice, and your ideas will be critical to our success. We are dedicated to creating a plan representative of the entire membership and thus are looking for input, feedback, and involvement from IAAP members from all parts of the world and at all stages of their careers. In the months to come, you will be invited to participate through a variety of forums. Please be on the lookout for these announcements, and please plan to join us for at least one of these sessions.

Leading the strategic planning process will be a Steering Committee of members from around the world - as President, I will serve as Chair of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Steering Committee, participating in focus groups, or providing feedback on the plan, please complete this volunteer form. Prior experience with strategic planning is not necessary and there are no requirements on the length of membership or career status – brand new and life-long IAAP members, students and emeritus members alike are welcome!

The IAAP Strategic Planning Steering Committee, with the input of the membership, will be charged with developing a vision and set of actionable priorities for IAAP over the next four years. The Steering Committee will:

  1. Work collaboratively and in consultation with members across the Society to develop and create a set of organizational priorities that position IAAP to lead in a rapidly changing environment;
  2. Research and review the strategic planning documents and best practices of peer and peer-plus organizations;
  3. Gather ideas and input from the Society’s stakeholders – members, past members, affiliate members, publishers, etc;
  4. Drawing upon all the information and data that are available, draft a multi-year strategic plan that defines IAAP’s goals, focus, and impact for the coming years.

I would like to thank, in advance, all of our members for your active involvement and voice in this vital conversation as we launch this project and work to guide IAAP to new levels of excellence.