Centennial Celebration

Celebrating 100 Year of IAAP!

Applied Psychology Around the World, Volume 2, Issue 1 is devoted to the IAAP Centennial Celebration. Read for free now!

We have a series of special events during the Centennial Year in different parts of the world, including in connection to the United Nations, in New-York, Geneva and Vienna where we have active teams working with the UN. IAAP will also celebrate throughout the year at various occasions with a special focus during the International Congress of Psychology in Prague (ICP), where we will have our first part of our Board of Directors meeting and what will be a wonderful invited Centennial Reception.

The year will conclud with our Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology (CCAP) scheduled for December 13-17, 2020 in Cancun, Mexico. The second part of our Board meeting, including our elections, will take place during the CCAP. This congress is closing the first hundred years in a part of the world where we have not been yet, even though we have members from many of the countries in Latin America. The CCAP will also be our first step towards the next 100 years of IAAP. Make sure you attend this wonderful celebration!

Abstract submissions and registration are now open!


  • Psychology Day at the United Nations, New York, USA

  • 24-25: World Psychology Week celebrated in Paris

  • United Nations Event, Vienna, Austria