Governance & Structure


IAAP is governed by its Board of Directors in accordance with its Constitution and Rules of Procedure. The Board of Directors, broadly representative of the membership, determines Association policies and has final authority over the affairs of the Association.  The Executive Committee (EC) administers the operations of the Association under the oversight of the Board of Directors.

  • Officers of IAAP: President, Past-President, President-Elect, Secretary General, and Treasurer.
  • Board of Directors: Presidents and Presidents-Elect of each IAAP division and Members-at-Large are also members of the BOD. Members are elected on the basis of their scientific achievements, commitment to IAAP, and their dispersion over the world's regions.
  • In the past, General Assemblies: took place every four years in connection with each International Congress of Applied Psychology. In 2006 they were canceled in the new constitution and the general membership is reached via a) a general email distribution list, b) e-mail distribution lists by divisions, c) an online voting procedure for the President Elect.

IAAP Constitution  

View IAAP Constitution, 2020

IAAP Rules of Procedure

View Rules of Procedure, 2020