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Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) invite everyone to participate in the Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology, December 13-17 of 2020, in Cancun, Mexico.

International Congress of Applied Psychology

IAAP organizes a world congress of applied psychology which serves as a review of advances in applied psychology and unites several thousand psychologists from all over the world. These congresses serve IAAP's mission of bringing together applied psychologists from around the world. In addition, the ICAP offers the unique opportunity to demonstrate the societal significance of applied psychology.

Upcoming Meetings
  • ICAP 2022 - July 24-29, 2022 at the China International Convention Center in Beijing, China

  • ICAP 2026 - TBD

Regional Psychological Conferences

IAAP, through its Divisions and as a whole, contributes to international regional conferences of psychology by organizing symposia and by contributing to the funding of such conferences. These regional meetings are especially important for colleagues who may not be able to attend the world congresses, and they help to bridge the four-year gap between two ICAPs, thus facilitating continuity of contacts and cooperation.  Special attention is paid to organizing workshops and specialized seminars for new graduates in Psychology. 

Regional Meetings of Divisions

Sometimes IAAP Divisions organize theme-oriented workshops and unite colleagues from a particular region in focused scientific exchange.

Other Meetings

III Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century

June 26-28, 2020 | Moscow, Russia

ICP 2020

July 19-24, 2020 | Prague, Czech Republic

Past Meetings

International Congresses of Applied Psychology

  • 29 ICAP, Montreal, Canada, June 25-30, 2018
  • 28 ICAP, Paris, France, July 08-13, 2014
  • 27 ICAP, Melbourne, Australia, July 2010
  • 26 ICAP, Athens, Greece, July 2006
  • 25 ICAP, Singapore, July 2002
  • 24 ICAP, San Francisco, August 1998
  • 23 ICAP, Madrid, July 1994

Co-Sponsored by the IAAP

The International Association of Applied Psychology is the oldest and largest international association of applied psychologists. Founded in 1920, IAAP will celebrate their Centennial Anniversary with the Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology in Cancun, Mexico. Invited speakers include Rubén Ardila, Joh Berry, Jean Lau Chin, Amanda Clinton, Sonia Lippke, and more. Topics will include organizational psychology, environmental psychology, education and school psychology, health psychology, sports psychology, and more.
La Asociación Internacional de Psicología Aplicada es la asociación internacional de psicólogos aplicados más antigua y más grande. Fundada en 1920, IAAP celebrará su aniversario centenario con el Congreso centenario de psicología aplicada en Cancún, México. Los oradores invitados incluyen a Rubén Ardila, Joh Berry, Jean Lau Chin, Amanda Clinton, Sonia Lippke y más. Los temas incluirán psicología organizacional, psicología ambiental, psicología educativa y escolar, psicología de la salud, psicología deportiva y más.
L'Association internationale de psychologie appliquée est la plus ancienne et la plus grande association internationale de psychologues appliqués. Fondée en 1920, l'IAAP célébrera son centenaire avec le Congrès du centenaire de psychologie appliquée à Cancun, au Mexique. Les conférenciers invités incluent Rubén Ardila, Joh Berry, Jean Lau Chin, Amanda Clinton, Sonia Lippke, et plus encore. Les sujets incluront la psychologie organisationnelle, la psychologie environnementale, la psychologie de l'éducation et de l'école, la psychologie de la santé, la psychologie du sport, etc.