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Division 15 Survey

Hi dear colleagues! As the new term has started, we'd like to know a little more about you and in what are you interested. Thus, here you can find a fast-filling survey for giving us more information about what would you like to find in our division. Together, we can achieve what we pursue! Thanks for it!

A Letter from the President

Please follow this link to a read a letter from your new Division 15 President, Pedro Altungy.

Division Elections

The elections for the next presidency mandate are now closed and we have a new Incoming President for 2018 – 2022, Pedro Altungy. We would like to thank all the candidates (although they were not nominated, according to the rules of procedures) and to those of you who voted! We are excited for the next period to come! 

IAAP Booth at ICAP 2018

For those of you participating at ICAP, there is a good opportunity to collaborate with the IAAP and enlarge your professional network. We are looking for volunteers to help us manage the IAAP booth during the congress. So if you have some extra hours during the congress, you want to meet people, and get involved with the IAAP, join us! As a volunteer you will:

  • Get the chance to be part of an international team of volunteers, all of them participating at the ICAP 2018. 
  • Get a free voucher for the social activity organized in collaboration with the CPA Students. 
  • Receive an IAAP T-shirt (more than 8 hours) and an IAAP collaborator certificate. 
  • Meet the IAAP Incoming President, Christine Roland Levy. She will meet the IAAP Volunteers on Tuesday, 26thof June, 5 p.m., at the booth. If interested, please contact me at
Annual Meeting of the Division 

If you are interested in what our activities during these last four years were and what our plans are for the future, join us at our annual meeting. We look forward to hearing your feedback and maybe you would also like to join us for the next few years! If we did not convince you yet, just come by and say hello! We will be at the IAAP booth, where you can also find the vouchers for the Party organised with the CPA Students.  

VOTE - Division 15 President

The voting period for the President of the Division it is open from 27th of April until 26th of May.

In order to vote, please follow the steps bellow:

1. Log in as a member, using your username and password.
2. Click “Elections” in the Members menu.
3. Cast your vote.
4. The system will only allow you to vote once.

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us at: or

Also, find more information on our Facebook page: IAAP Student Division 15 or on Twitter at @iaap15student

Call for Success Stories on Implementation of Results in WOP

Are you an early career researcherin Work and Organizational Psychology? Have you successfully applied your research results from one cultural context into another?

If you have, then we would like you to share your story with us!We are looking for examples of successful application of research findings gathered in one cultural context and applied in a different one. For instance, you did your PhD or research project abroad and you implemented the results in your home country.

Please send us:

  • a short description of the research project (200 words)
  • how have you “translated” your findings and applied them in your country (200 words)
  • what competences and conditions were necessary to apply findings in different contexts (200 words).

Send us your story at or by May 20th!

Division 15 IAAP at 32nd EFPSA Congress 2018

Another year in which IAAP and its´ Student Division sponsors the EFPSA Congress. This year congress was held in Malta, under the name “Exploring Personality”.

EFPSA is the biggest federation of associations for students in psychology in Europe and their annual congress has a high rate of participation of students from all over Europe (more than 350).

IAAP supported and participated in this event with the following objectives:

  1. Promote the association and the division (presentation, flyer, informal meetings)
  2. Encourage and support the IAAP membership (presentations, flyer, informal meetings)
  3. Recruit active volunteers for further projects of the division

To meet these objectives, the presence of the association in the congress consisted in participating at the Opening Ceremony and delivering a short presentation on the aims and current activities of IAAP at large and of Division 15. Moreover, the IAAP volunteer Nia Djourova from the University of Valencia, participated as an invited speaker during the Congress. Moreover, all the participants have received in the registration bag the flyer of Division 15.

The collaboration between EFPSA and IAAP Student Division will continue and in the next month, a meeting to discuss further common projects will be scheduled.


The Advanced Research Training Seminar (ARTS) is currently looking for twenty to twenty-five engaged students with experience and passion for research (Masters level or higher preferred) in psychology to become participants for ARTS 2018, which will be held as a part of the ICAP 2018.


The ARTS are capacity-building workshops that take place every four years in conjunction with the International Congresses of Applied Psychology (ICAP). ARTS promote excellence in research skills and facilitate exchange and dialogue amongst early career scientists. ARTS are organized by the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP).


ARTS has several components:

  1. Learning – Participants have the opportunity to follow several online seminars on general topics (e.g., writing funding application, performing statistics, and knowledge about particular aspect of psychology).
  2. Research – ARTS participants work on a project with their peers in groups of three to five people. Team projects are defined and led by the team leaders and consist of creation of a research protocol on a specific topic.
  3. Feedback - During ARTS, participants have the opportunity to present their own research (poster) and to receive feedback from their peers and team leaders.
  4. Presentation - Teams will present their team project at the symposium organized by ICAP 2018 and will have an opportunity to hear suggestions from renowned experts.

ARTS participants will have to apply for one of the six following projects:

  1. Multicultural Approach to the Study of Myths about Trauma and Disasters
  2. Learning Experiences and Entrepreneurial Intentions among College Students
  3. Refugees and Immigrants Crisis in the 21st Century: A Hindrance or Challenge in the face of Job Insecurity in Europe?
  4. Contextualization in Contemporary Cross-Cultural Research: An Agenda for Arbitration
  5. Re-Thinking Healthy Lifestyles: An Ecological Approach to the Psychological Understanding of Sustained Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition
  6. Self-Compassion, Resilience, Coping and Psychological Well-being

More details regarding the six projects are available at

  • Commit to (approximately) a 6-month project
  • Collaborate with transcontinental team on previously determined research topic
  • Partner with team leader and teammates to incorporate feedback into project
  • Participate in online seminars
  • Travel to the site of the conference and participate in presentation of research to peers
  • Collaborate with peers on a current research topic of interest
  • Network with peers from around the world
  • Enhance your resume/CV by working on an international project
  • Meet leading scholars and renowned experts in the research area of your interest
  • Opportunity to present at an international conference
  • Housing accommodations for ARTS workshop (23rd and 24th of June) will be provided by ARTS program
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks will be providing during ARTS workshop (24th and 25th of June)
  • IAAP one year membership

To apply for ARTS, you must be:

  • A Masters or PhD student exhibiting research skills and experience in research design
  • Willing to commit to an approximately 6-month long project
  • Having registered and paid the registration fees for ICAP 2018
  • Be willing to travel to Montreal, Quebec and attend ARTS seminar at ICAP 2018

Please click on the following link to apply.

The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Cover letter with a statement of why you are interested in ARTS
  • CV/Resume
  • Receipt of the registration for ICAP

Please send all your documents to this email: person: Mr Jesse Caylor)

Subject line: ARTS Application 2018_Your Name

Deadline for submitting applications is March 30, 2018

Call for Nominations: President & Vice-President Division 15

The Call for Nominations for President and Vice-President of Division 15 Student in Psychology is now open.

If you are a member of Division 15, you are passionate about applied psychology in different fields and you see yourself as a leader of an international team of volunteers for the next 4 years, follow these steps!

  1. Read the election guidlines here
  2. Think of how you could contribute to the Division and to IAAP at large
  3. Send us a self-nomination letter, including one-page resume and a brief statement (maximum: 500 words) in which you highlight your goals and involvment in Division activities, at iaap.student@gmail.comor
  4. The deadline for sending us your nomination is 15th of March 2018.

The eligible candidates will be voted online from 1st to 30th of April 2018!

Applications must be received by 15 March 2018

Division 15 IAAP @EAWOP 2017

“Young Researchers in Work / Organizational Psychology and UN Sustainable Development Goals”

Division 15 Students in Psychology is organizing, during the EAWOP Congress, held in Dublin, Ireland, between 17th – 20th of May 2017, a debate titled “Young Researchers in Work / Organizational Psychology and UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

“Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) are a set of goals adopted by the United Nations (UN) addressing some urgent problems of today’s society and drawing attention to the importance of “ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages”. Work and Organizational (WO) psychology can contribute to the implementations of SDGs in several ways. The purpose of this debate is to explore the perspective of WO young researchers on SDGs and on how their research can be relevant for the implementation of these goals. Moreover, it aims at debating and producing new proposals on how WO psychologists can and should support the SDGs. 

The debate is moderated by Luminita Patras, president of Division 15 Students of IAAP and it includes successful young researchers whose work is related to SDGs from different perspectives. Moreover, our guests are representing different associations that are directly related to research/practice/teaching WO Psychology and are also actively engaged with UN activities. In this sense, the Alliance of Psychology has responded to our invitation, and we count on the presence of Dr. Sabina Hodzic, University Paris Descartes, France (EAWOP), Esther Villajos, University of Valencia, Spain (Division 1 IAAP) and Elias Corneillie, University of Ghent, Belgium (Division 1 IAAP). Moreover, our colleagues from the Global Organization of Humanitarian Work and Organizational Psychology received very positively our invitation for this debate, and the organization is represented by Alexander Gloss, North Carolina State University, U.S.

Moreover, in order to involve Division 15 members in the debate, Division 15 has created the hashtag #iaap15sdg giving the members the opportunity  to address their questions to the participants in the debate, through Twitter and Facebook. Their questions will be answered during the debate.

In organizing this debate, Division 15 has extensively received the help and advice of the IAAP's United Nation Representatives Team (Walter Reichman, Judy Kuriansky) who has supported us with helpful material and recommendations.

Since the approval of SGDs, there is an increasing effort of different associations in WO psychology to engage with the international development community. For instance, International Association of Applied Psychology and Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology are both actively represented at the UN by a group of experts who are working on addressing SDGs challenges. For instance, they created programs such as “UN Global Compact”, an initiative for businesses that take actions towards the SDGs. 

In general, WO psychologists have developed theories, research and practice that empower them to help advance the SDGs. Specifically, in the literature, the WO psychology is relevant to SDGs because of four issues: goal-setting, working conditions, effectiveness and productivity, and worker well-being. However, there is the need of more specific ideas of actions for young WO researchers and professionals that will enable them to align their interests and objectives with the SDGs and this will be the focus of the debate.

Moreover, debating possible directions of action on promoting a healthy life and wellbeing for all stimulates the engagement and commitment of the participants. Creative solutions to problems within the implementation of the SDGs can also be found and explored. Lastly, the debate hopes to create an open space for discussion on further collaborations and joint projects intended to increase the impact of WO psychology through the SDG. 

IAAP Ambassadors in Asia

Division 15 Students Psychology is launching a new program "IAAP Student Ambassadors", with two main objectives:  

  1. Promote applied psychology and the IAAP in their area (participating in local events, organizing local meetings and events, attracting new members, etc). 
  2. Promote psychology from their area among members worldwide (create a calendar of events in the region, promote certain trends, personality, particularity from their area, etc). 

We start with the Asian Continent as we believe there is a strong potential and we would like to invite our division members from this area to become active and represent the IAAP as Ambassadors!

If you are:

  • A Student, PhD Student, Early Career in applied psychology;
  • A member of Division 15 IAAP;
  • Willing to work in intercultural teams and engaging projects;
  • Proactive and involved;
  • You live in any of the countries of the Asian Continent and you are willing to promote IAAP in your area.

We offer you:

  • The opportunity to represent the oldest and one of the biggest associations in applied psychology in your area;
  • The possibility of leading a community of psychology students members;
  • The chance of representing IAAP in local and regional congresses and events organized in your area; 
  • Training and support from the Board of the Division;
  • An IAAP Ambassador Certificate;
  • The opportunity to be informed and inform people about the latest decisions and trends in psychology around the world.

Be an IAAP Ambassador in your area! Promote Applied Psychology!

Send us your name, country and a personal statement by 12th of May at

Call for Volunteers

Needed: Website Editors

Division 15 is looking for active volunteers for its website presence:

If you are:

  • Interested in applied psychology
  • Willing to work in intercultural teams
  • Proactive and with a spirit of initiative

What if you became our next Website Editor?

You will be in charge of managing the web content related to Division 15: select, edit and upload news items sent by the division members.  

We offer:

  • Short tutorials on  website content and management - it is all about how information travels in this internet age
  • An IAAP Volunteer Certificate
  • The chance to work closely with people from all over the world
  • The opportunity to be informed and inform people about the latest decisions and trends in psychology around the world
  • Network opportunities for your education, but also for your future career - you may also volunteer to assist any of the leaders of IAAP's other divisions!

Interested? Then get in touch with us at

IAAP Collaboration in the 30th EFPSA Congress 2016

EFPSA is the biggest federation of associations for students in psychology in Europe and their annual congress has a high rate of participation of students from all over Europe. Specifically, in this congress have participated 350 students in psychology from all over Europe.

This year, IAAP supported the 30th Congress of EFPSA, held in Vimeiro, Portugal, as a "diamond sponsor".

IAAP supported and participated in this event with the following objectives:

  1. Promote the association and the division (booth, presentation, flyer, informal meetings)
  2. Encourage and support the IAAP membership (booth, presentations, flyer, informal meetings)
  3. Recruit active volunteers for further projects of the division
  4. Meeting with EFPSA board in order to consider further projects and collaboration

To meet these objectives, the presence of the association in the congress consisted in having a permanent booth, where the Student Division President and Nia Djourova, volunteer, have presented and promoted the association, the Division 15 and its projects, encouraging students to become members of IAAP. Beside, all the participants have received, in the registration bag, both the flyer of IAAP and Division 15.

Moreover, during the Closing Ceremony, the winners and the finalists of “Best Student Presentation”, “Best Poster” and “Best Student Workshop” have received a free IAAP membership fee for one year.

Given the common goals and objectives of both associations, IAAP Division 15 and EFPSA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which they commit to ensure more opportunities for their members, to promote each other, and to seek to identify projects and activities in which they may work together.

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