IAAP is the oldest international association with individual membership in applied psychology and wants to encourage and support an international approach to student research and professional orientations.

Student division was created during the year 2002, and was formally approved at the General Assembly of the IAAP in Singapore, August 2002.

Past Presidents:

  • Pedro Neves (2002 – 2006)
  • Kristina Potoknic (2006 – 2010)
  • Anna Sagana (2010 – 2012)


Our mission is to promote and support a network of Applied Psychology students who share a common interest in international development, teaching, trends, applications, and research in applied psychology.

We are aware of the resources of the IAAP, the opportunities we have as an international body and the valuable members that the Division 15 has.

We are committed to principles of collaboration, responsibility and open participation.

We believe in intercultural richness, cooperation, exchange of ideas and building science together. We actively promote intercultural experiences and encourage exchange on scientific and professional level.


We envision Division 15 as a strong community of Applied Psychology students (undergraduate, masters and PhD students), independently of their specialization. A platform meant to offer the space and tools for sharing knowledge and experience, debating, support and promotion of each other’s work. 


During the next 2 years, our 4 core goals are the following:

  1. Link students, researchers and professionals
  2. Serve and support the community of future applied psychologist
  3. Promote applied psychology in our growing network
  4. Establish local and regional representation

We aim to make our vision come true and implement our strategy through the following teams:

Community Development Team

We aim to develop an enthusiastic international network of motivated, scientifically up-to-date and global-minded members. We support a global social, scientific and practitioners’ networks within IAAP and its divisions. Also, we carry out promotion activities targeted at psychology students, current and potential members, to increase awareness of IAAP as an excellent platform for international applied psychology. We revise activities that aim to generate visibility for IAAP and feelings of belonging for its members. We coordinate, participate and organize event that promote knowledge and experience sharing among its members.

Communication Team

We broadcast our news, activities, and share with you through the Website and IAAP Forum, but also through Social Networks. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our aim is to stay in touch with our members,, providing them information and also being there for them : they know they can contact us whenever they want. We are also in charge of the IAAP Student Newsletter that is sent to all our members, and the promotional material, for example the Division 15 Flyer. We plan on creating a scientific student journal, where every student can share about their work.

Liaison Team

Building bridges and relationships with public and private bodies interested in applied psychology is what we do. We focus on local and international student associations, federations, universities, etc…

United Nations Support Team

We aim to support and promote IAAP representatives at the UN and their activities through our website and social media. We promote UN actions that are intended to promote psychology, as for example, Psychology Day.