Dear colleagues!

Are you a young researcher involved in a project on applied psychology? No matter if you are undergraduate, graduate or PhD student, we count on you!

While the knowledge in applied psychology keeps getting bigger and bigger, we need to make it more and more accessible to everyone. You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Hence, how much is a video worth?!

Because we want to shorten distances, Division 15 is launching a new project for young researchers to share what projects they are involved in. This is how VidRESEARCH was created. Whether you feel a little bit stuck and you would like to get fresh ideas or you just would simply like to spread the word about your project, VidRESEARCH is your channel.

The videos will be uploaded to Division 15 website for all the members to be able to learn more about what you are doing, giving you useful feedback about the great job you are doing!

Don´t hesitate to submit, send us your video! Spread the word, spread the knowledge. Click here for more information!


Below we have put together activity resources to share different congresses around the world that you may be interested in attending.



Latin America

North America


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