Centennial Collection Directory

The Centennial Collection

A collection of presentations from IAAP members around the world to mark the centennial anniversary of IAAP, available to members during the month of December.

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Alphabetical by presenter

  • Students: When the Future is Made Present
Pedro Altungy Labrador
  • Applied Experimental Psychology and Artificial Intelligence
Rubén Ardila
  • How Shall We Live Together?
John Berry
  • Subjective Perspectives on Value Transmission
Klaus Boehnke
  • Humanitarian Work and Organizational Psychology
Stuart Carr
  • The Global Psychology Alliance: 
    A New Paradigm for the Profession
Amanda Clinton
  • Effects of Individual (Attachment) and Cultural Variables 
    (Individual Collectivism), with Stress and Resilience
    as Mediators of Subjective Well-being
Rolando Díaz-Loving
  • How to Live Fully: Lessons from Psychological Science
David Dozois
  • IAAP President-Elect: Vision and Goals
Lori Foster
  • IAAP Centennial - 1920 to 2020 The Past 100 Years of
    Applied Psychology and Its' Future: What If Applied
    Psychology Mattered in the World
Michael Frese
  • Being Competitive or Being Non-Competitive
    in Old Age: Which One is Healthy

Márta Fülöp

  • The Role of Ethics in Addressing Current
    and Emerging Global Challenges
Janel Gauthier
  • The International Importance of
    Test Adaptation: An Introduction
Kurt Geisinger
  • Dealing with Different:
    Strategic Cultural Competence in Modern Organizations

Richard Griffith

  • Optimal Learning in Optimal Contexts:
    The Role of Self-determination Theory in Education
Frédéric Guay
  • Restoration in Nature: Extending the Narrative
Terry Hartig
  • Will You Follow Me If I Open My Kimono
Aï Ito
  • Tax Policy Measures to Combat the Pandemic and
    Improving Compliance: A Behavioral Perspective
Erich Kirchler
  • New Working Challenges for a New Centennial:
    Activities and Plans of IAAP Division 1
Barbara Kozusznik
  • Integrating Bargh's Automaticity Model with
    Locke and Latham's Goal Setting Theory
Gary P. Latham
  • Health and Well-being in Times of Globalization and Covid-19:
    Evidences, Current Trends and Future Directions
Sonia Lippke
  • This Works in My Place! Latin-America
Vicente Martínez-Tur
  • Future Challenges for Applied Psychology
Pedro Neves
  • Competence: the Key to International Recognition
    of Professional Psychologists
Sverre L. Nielsen
  • How Do I Define My Well-being and Why is That Important?
Luminita Pâtras
  • A Century of International Applied Psychology:
    Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
José M. Peiró
  • Transforming Psychological Training into Leadership Roles
Andrea Piotrowski
  • Gender Equality - IAAP Special Project
Kristina Potočnik
  • International Association of Applied Psychology:
    A Centennial History
Christine Roland-Lévy
  • New Methods for Measuring Affect and Well-being in the Workplace:
    From Self-reports to Artificial Intelligence
Liu-Qin Yang
  • Taking Financial Advice: Can Advisees' Psychological
    Motivations Prevail in the End?
Tomasz Zaleskiewicz