News from Division 9 (Economic Psychology) September 2018

  • Division President – Tomasz Zaleskiewicz, SWPS UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES, Poland 

  • Past President – David Leiser, BEN GURION UNIVERSITY OF THE NEGEV, Israel

  • Division Secretary – Fabian Christandl, FRESENIUS UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Germany

Karl-Erik Wärneryd – one of the founders of the IAAP Division of Economic Psychology (Division 9) – passed away on August, 14 2019

We would like to announce with great sadness that Professor Karl-Erik Wärneryd – one of the founders of the IAAP Division of Economic Psychology (Division 9) – passed away on August, 14 2019. Karl-Erik’s early research concerned consumer behavior, commercials and mass communication. Later he studied the psychological side of the macro economy, such as taxes, entrepreneurship, saving, investing and the role of expectations. Lastly, he has contributed towards documenting the development of the field of economic psychology. Karl-Erik was not only a creative researcher, author of seminal books on saving and stock-market behavior, but also a very helpful colleague – always ready to discuss ideas and provide support.

In the two files attached you can find a presentation about Karl-Erik’s contribution to economic psychology prepared by Ellen Nyhus and Karl-Erik’s memories about founding IAAP Division 9. 

Division 9 contribution to IAAP Congress in Cancun (December 2020)

Our Division will actively participate in the upcoming congress in Cancun. We have prepared a special scientific program (listed below). The Division members are also invited to submit their papers using the submission system.

IAAP Centennial Congress, Cancun, Mexico, 2020. Division of Economic Psychology

Presidential address: Tomasz Zaleskiewicz (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Wroclaw, Poland) – Taking financial advice: When advisees’ psychological motivations prevail in the end

Keynote talk: Pelin Kesebir (University of Wisconsin – Madison, United States) - What is happiness? What is it not?

Symposium 1 - Psychological consequences of money and the market mindset (Organizer – Agata Gasiorowska; 4 papers)

Symposium 2 - Power of authorities and trust in authorities (Organizer – Erich Kirchler; 4 papers)

Symposium 3 – The role of morality in economic choices (Organizer – Lukasz Markiewicz; 4 papers)

Symposium 4 – The consequences of the love of money (Organizer – Thomas Tang; 4 speakers)