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This page lists the most important events for clinical and community psychology, actualized every year.

XI CEP-PIE Congress - Madrid - April 3th-5th

Next Wednesday, April 5th, Division 6 will have the opportunity to show its work and activities in the XI Annual National Congress of the Spanish Psychology Students Association (CEP-PIE). We will be pleased to explain to all the assisstants the work done by our Division, which is open to all the current and future psychologists who want to have an active role in the development of our field. Divisions 6 and 15 will collaborate in this thrilling experience of opening our doors to the creators of the future. The title of our presentation will be "How can I participate in the creation of the tomorrow's psychology? Challenges and participation oportunities in IAAP Division 6 and Division 15. The Congress will take place in Madrid between April 3th and 5th. Programme can be found here. Our presentation will take place in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Psychology College, on April 5th at 10:00. For inscriptions, write an e-mail to What are you waiting for? See you there!!

Speakers: Clara Gesteira, Noelia Morán, Rocío Fausor and Pedro Altungy, Division 6 editors.


We would like to call your attention to the Yokohama Congress which will take place between July 24th-29th. Here you can get more information about the main activities which will be held:


Besides, we would like to present you the different activities that remarked members of our division will hold during the Yokohmana Congress:

  • INVITED ADDRESS: Recovering emotionally after a terrorist attack: insights from Psychology. Garcia-Vera, Maria Paz (Spain)Introduction by Shamala, Kumar (Spain). The conference will take place in the Conference Center 3F 315 on Thursday 28th, from 16:20 to 17:00.
  • INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Psychology, Terrorism and National Emergency. Organizer and Co-Organizer: Prieto, José M. (Spain). The conference will take pace in the Conference Center 5F 503 on Monday 25th, from 8:40 to 10:40. The topics which will be discussed will be the following:
    • The art of concealment and disguise. Prieto, Jose M (Spain).
    • The Terrorist Mind and Social Psychological Manipulation. Nishida, Kimiaki (Japan).
    • The media dynamics of war: legitimization of violent action. Lopez-López, Wilson (Colombia).
    • Does what doesn’t kill you make you stronger? Effects of previous and subsequent traumatic events in the long-term mental health of victims of terrorism. Garcia-vera, Maria Paz (Spain); Sanz,Jesus; Moran, Noelia; Gesteira, Clara; Pedro, Altungy Efficacy of stress management training for emergency personnel in situations involving radiation and chemical contaminants. Sanz, Jesus (Spain); Garcia-Vera, Maria Paz; Eduardo, Samper; Jesus, Peraza.

The Discussant will be García Vera, María Paz (Spain) and López-López, Wilson (Colombia).

    • OR26-90-2 The role of depressive dysfunctional attitudes in posttraumatic stress disorder in victims of terrorism Sanz, Jesus (Spain); Fausor, Rocio; Garcia-vera, Maria Paz; Gesteira, Clara;Gutierrez, Sara; Reguera, Belen; Moran,Noelia.
    • OR27-22-4 Efficacy of psychological treatment in victims of terrorism who suffer from mental disorders in the very long term Garcia-vera, Maria Paz (Spain); Gesteira, Clara; Sanz, Jesus; Moreno, Natalia; Zapardiel, Alejandro; Altungy, Pedro; Navarro, Roberto; Moran, Noelia.
    • OR27-36-5 New diagnostic criteria for PTSD: testing DSM-5 in victims of terrorist attacks. Sanz, Jesus (Spain); De Miguel, Carmen; Garcia-vera, Maria Paz; Gesteira, Clara;Moran, Noelia; Navarro, Roberto; Altungy,Pedro; Reguera, Belen.

Annual Activities