Strategic Planning Update - Member Survey

IAAP Launches a Member Survey

From Prof. Lori Foster, IAAP President

Dear IAAP Members,

We hope this message finds you well. As September unfolds, Pedro and I want to keep you updated on IAAP's ongoing strategic planning efforts.

There are multiple avenues through which we're striving to ensure that our forthcoming strategic plan is guided by a broad spectrum of members, perspectives, and viewpoints. One such avenue is a strategic planning steering committee, recently assembled to provide focused guidance for IAAP's path forward. This committee is a cross-section of our association, carefully composed to represent various career stages, genders, divisions, and geographies. Its role is to build on and extend the rich insights we’ve already gathered, including those from the focus groups in July.

What’s next on the agenda? You are invited to participate in a member-wide survey, by September 29. This survey is designed to take a pulse on your experiences and engagement levels with IAAP. We highly encourage your participation, as it provides a valuable way for you to contribute to our understanding of IAAP members’ needs and priorities. 

Your ongoing involvement continues to make IAAP the dynamic community that it is. Together, we're shaping not just a plan, but a promising future for our association.

With sincere appreciation,

Lori Foster, IAAP President
Pedro Neves, IAAP President-Elect