Integrated Primary Care and the Science of Teamwork - Presented by Division 1, Organizational Psychology and Division 17, Professional Practice

Integrated Primary Care and the Science of Teamwork

Drawing on their work together as Editors of the Special Issue of the Science of Teamwork for the American Psychologist (2018, 74:4:305-601), Drs Salas and McDaniel will provide an evidence-based presentation on what we know about the Science of Teamwork, using the example of integrated primary care.  Dr Salas will present the fascinating research on effective teamwork, drawing from his decades of research and consultation, and Dr McDaniel will apply this work to teamwork in the context of integrated primary care.


Eduardo Salas, PhD is the Allyn R. & Gladys M. Cline Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychological Sciences at Rice University. A prolific author and active consultant regards teams and teamwork, he has published over 600 articles and chapters and his work has been cited over 100,000 times.  He has consulted in a wide range of healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, aviation and aerospace. He is a Past President of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society, and is a Fellow in numerous scientific societies. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Psychological Association.

Susan H McDaniel, PhD is the Dr Laurie Sands Distinguished Professor of Families and Health, the Vice Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, Chief of Psychology and Director of the Physician Communication Coaching Program at University of Rochester Medicine in Rochester New York.  Dr McDaniel’s career is dedicated to integrating psychological and relational science and practice into healthcare.  She has won many awards and is the author of over 100 journal articles and 17 books, translated into 10 languages.  Among many leadership positions, Dr McDaniel served as the President of the American Psychological Association in 2016, and is currently the President-elect of Division 17 of the International Association of Applied Psychology.

Presented on March 29, 2022




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