Member-Only Webinars

The IAAP Member-Only Webinar Series is a new series of web broadcasts that offer members the opportunity to learn from IAAP peers about some of the most current topics in applied psychology. There is no charge for IAAP members to attend these webinars.


Wednesday, May 15th / Thursday, May 16th, 2019
"The Critical Role of Psychology in an Integrated Primary Care Model"
Presented by IAAP Division 17

The cost of mental illness to society is massive – from both an economic standpoint and from its impact on individual health, wellbeing and relationships. By 2030, the largest economic health burden globally will be due to mental illness – greater than heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases combined. 

Here’s the issue: even with such a large and growing impact on overall health, mental health is typically treated outside of the primary care models that address physical health concerns so proactively and efficiently. 

But that model is changing fast – and psychologists have a key role to play in working alongside family physicians and other primary care workers to integrate mental health assessments and treatments into team-based care.Both the United Nations and World Health Organization have called for the greater promotion of mental health and wellbeing, primarily through local primary careinterventions. 

Learn more about this emerging and exciting area of practice. Professor James Bray (Division 17 Immediate Past President) and Dr. Robyn Vines (current Division President) provide an overview of primary care psychology and answer questions from the Convenor, Professor Lyn Littlefield, about the details of this work. The panel will also highlight current developments at the UN with the IAAP “Integrated Mental Health Care Initiative.”

Date: May 15 / May 16
Time: 22:30 UTC / 8:30 AEST (to find your local date/time, click here)
*The times listed are to participate live, but if you cannot join us live, the webinar can be downloaded from the IAAP website and viewed at your convenience following the broadcast.