Each One Reach One: tools to help you recruit

In our 101st year we have set a goal to gain 101 new members in 101 days and we need your help. The Each One Reach One membership campaign will start April 12 and end July 8th, and we're asking each IAAP member to share the many benefits of membership with your networks during this time. New members will receive an free six months of membership, and you will be eligible to win some prizes for each new member you recruit.

We have drafted an email for you to use, as well as social media posts.



Copy, paste, and personalize this email to send to your colleagues.

Dear <insert name>,

You may not know that I am a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology. This is the oldest psychology organization in the world, and one of the only groups that focuses on cross-cultural relationships. I joined because <insert reason> and think you would enjoy membership in IAAP as well.

Some of the benefits of membership are:

  • Discounted registration to the International Congress of Applied Psychology (2022 will be in Beijing and 2026 will be in Florence)
  • Free access to the journals Applied Psychology – An International Review and Applied Psychology: Health and Wellbeing, as well as a quarterly bulletin Applied Psychology Around the World, and monthly newsletters
  • Free access to IAAP webinars from colleagues around the world
  • Opportunities to get involved with up to three of the 18 Divisions, I am a member of <insert division name>, <insert division name> and <insert division name>.

It’s truly a great organization with a lot to offer. As part of the membership campaign going on right now until July 8th, IAAP is offering new members an 18-month membership for the price of 12. Membership prices are based on your region and career level, and can be found on the IAAP website, where you can also join. Be sure to enter my name in the “referred by” field and we will both be invited to a special reception at the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Beijing.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide more information about IAAP, I really think you will enjoy being a member.



Social Media Posts

Copy, paste, and personalize these posts on your social media accounts.



I am a member of @IAAPSY, the oldest Applied Psychology organization with members around the globe. Join now and get six months free! #IAMIAAP

I am a member of @IAAPSY because <insert reason>. Join our vibrant, cross-cultural organization before July and get six months free. #IAMIAAP



I am a member of @IAAPSY, join me and our members around the globe and get six months free! #IAMIAAP

I am a member of @IAAPSY because <insert reason>. Join now and get six months free. #IAMIAAP



I joined the @international Association of Applied Psychology <insert number> years because <insert reason>. IAAP is the oldest applied psychology organization in the world, with members all over the globe, join today for lots of great benefits like: access to IAAP webinars, subscriptions to IAAP journals and bulletins, discounts on conference registration and more.

#IAMIAAP and you should be too.


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