Activities of the IAAP

International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP)

Every four years IAAP organizes a world congress of applied psychology which serves as a review of advances in applied psychology and unites several thousand psychologists from all over the world. The 25th ICAP was held in Singapore and about 2,500 did participate. The 26th ICAP will be held in Athens July 16-21, 2006 and the 27th in Melbourne, 2010. These congresses belong to the main responsibilities of IAAP inasmuch as they are a particularly suited instruments to pursue the Association's mission of bringing applied psychologists in world-wide contact with each other. In addition, the ICAP offers the unique opportunity to demonstrate the societal significance of applied psychology.

Regional Psychological Conferences

IAAP, through its Divisions and as a whole, contributes to international regional conferences of psychology by organizing symposia and by contributing to the funding of such conferences. These regional meetings are especially important for younger psychologists and colleagues from less developed countries who may not be able to afford the travel cost and congress fees for world congresses. Besides, they help to bridge the periods between two ICAPs, thus facilitating continuity of contacts and cooperation.  Special attention is paid to organizing workshops and specialized seminars for new graduates in Psychology. 

Regional Meetings of Divisions

Sometimes IAAP Divisions organize theme-oriented workshops and unite colleagues from a particular region in focused scientific exchange.


One way of highlighting the relevance of applied psychology is to honour colleagues who have made important contributions to the field by giving them a special IAAP Award. Three types of awards have been created for this purpose:

  • An award "for recognized international impact in Applied Psychology":
    • Recipients:  1994 Donald Super, USA; 1998 Cidgem Kagitcibasi, Turkey; 2002 Miriam Erez, Israel and Fred Fiedler, USA.
  • An award "for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the profession of Applied Psychology internationally"
    • Recipients 1994 Jyuji Misumi, Japan; 1998 José M. Prieto, Spain; 2002 John Adair, Canada.  
  • An award for the best contribution of an student to an ICAP. Pedro M.M. Neves for 2006.

  • IAAP Distinguised Professsional Award

    • Recipients: Rocio Fernández Balleteros & Susan Pick, 2006; Kan Zhang & Judy Kuriansky, 2010; Fanny Cheung & Saths Cooper, 2014.

  • IAAP Distinguised Scientific Award 

    • Recipients: Edwin P. Hollander & Pieter J. D. Drenth, 2006; Ralf Schwarzer & Nigel Nicholson, 2010; Ingrid Lunt & Charles Speilberger, 2014.


IAAP cooperates with the International Society of Cross Cultural Psychology in the organization of "Advanced Research Training Seminars” – ARTS-  for colleagues from low income countries. These seminars are carried out in connection with international congresses and focus on particular themes. It is envisioned to expand training activities by IAAP members either coincidentally by renowned colleagues during their travels or through workshops in connection with international congresses.

International Cooperation

IAAP has the status of Non Govermental Organization (NGO) before United Nations and the status of Affiliate Member of the International Social Science Council (ISSC) within the umbrella of UNESCO and the Wolrd Federation of Mental Health, NGO of UN. IAAP also maintains contact with the International Labour Office (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).