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IAAP Ambassadors in Asia

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Division 15 Students Psychology is launching a new program "IAAP Student Ambassadors", with two main objectives:  

1. Promote applied psychology and the IAAP in their area (participating in local events, organizing local meetings and events, attracting new members, etc). 

2. Promote psychology from their area among members worldwide (create a calendar of events in the region, promote certain trends, personality, particularity from their area, etc). 

We start with the Asian Continent as we believe there is a strong potential and we would like to invite our division members from this area to become active and represent the IAAP as Ambassadors!

If you are:

  • A Student, PhD Student, Early Career in applied psychology;
  • A member of Division 15 IAAP;
  • Willing to work in intercultural teams and engaging projects;
  • Proactive and involved;
  • You live in any of the countries of the Asian Continent and you are willing to promote IAAP in your area.

We offer you:

  • The opportunity to represent the oldest and one of the biggest associations in applied psychology in your area;
  • The possibility of leading a community of psychology students members;
  • The chance of representing IAAP in local and regional congresses and events organized in your area; 
  • Training and support from the Board of the Division;
  • An IAAP Ambassador Certificate;
  • The opportunity to be informed and inform people about the latest decisions and trends in psychology around the world.

Be an IAAP Ambassador in your area! Promote Applied Psychology!

Send us your name, country and a personal statement by 21st of April at iaap.student@gmail.com.

Call for Volunteers

Needed: Website Editors

Division 15 is looking for active volunteers for its website presence:

If you are:

  • Interested in applied psychology
  • Willing to work in intercultural teams
  • Proactive and with a spirit of initiative

What if you became our next Website Editor?

You will be in charge of managing the web content related to Division 15: select, edit and upload news items sent by the division members.  

We offer:

  • Short tutorials on  website content and management - it is all about how information travels in this internet age
  • An IAAP Volunteer Certificate
  • The chance to work closely with people from all over the world
  • The opportunity to be informed and inform people about the latest decisions and trends in psychology around the world
  • Network opportunities for your education, but also for your future career - you may also volunteer to assist any of the leaders of IAAP's other divisions!

Interested? Then get in touch with us at iaap.student@gmail.com

IAAP Collaboration in the 30th EFPSA Congress 2016

EFPSA is the biggest federation of associations for students in psychology in Europe and their annual congress has a high rate of participation of students from all over Europe. Specifically, in this congress have participated 350 students in psychology from all over Europe.


This year, IAAP supported the 30th Congress of EFPSA, held in Vimeiro, Portugal, as a "diamond sponsor".

IAAP supported and participated in this event with the following objectives:

1. Promote the association and the division (booth, presentation, flyer, informal meetings)

2. Encourage and support the IAAP membership (booth, presentations, flyer, informal meetings)

3. Recruit active volunteers for further projects of the division

4. Meeting with EFPSA board in order to consider further projects and collaboration

To meet these objectives, the presence of the association in the congress consisted in having a permanent booth, where the Student Division President and Nia Djourova, volunteer, have presented and promoted the association, the Division 15 and its projects, encouraging students to become members of IAAP. Beside, all the participants have received, in the registration bag, both the flyer of IAAP and Division 15.

Moreover, during the Closing Ceremony, the winners and the finalists of “Best Student Presentation”, “Best Poster” and “Best Student Workshop” have received a free IAAP membership fee for one year.

Given the common goals and objectives of both associations, IAAP Division 15 and EFPSA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which they commit to ensure more opportunities for their members, to promote each other, and to seek to identify projects and activities in which they may work together.

On this website:

On the Division 15 website:

If you have information related to any of the pages in the Division that you would like to share with other members, please send it to: iaap.student@gmail.com.

If you are a member of IAAP, but not a member of Division 15 yet, send an email message to Stephen Smith (ssmith2@wiley.com). It should include your full name, the email address at which your receive messages from IAAP, and your Member Reference number (if you know it).

If you are not a member of IAAP, please click here to join IAAP.